Band Solo Festival

posted Mar 25, 2014, 7:38 AM by Adam Gress
SMS hosted its Annual Solo Festival for 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Band students on March 6th at the Middle School from 4:30 to 8:00 p.m. Sixth Grade students performed their solos and received comments from a peer group of other band students as well as comments from a judge. 7th and 8th Grade band students performed for a judge, received comments and were eligible to earn a rating of Highly Superior - I+, Superior - I, Excellent - II, or Good - III. Congratulations to all the students who performed their solos!

 I+ Ratings (25 Students)
Jace Wiemers, Trombone
Jenna Schauer, Percussion
Levi Rees, Alto Saxophone
Brenna Nelson, Trumpet
Wren Vogelschmidt, Percussion
Emily Beehler, Flute
Abby Weeks, French horn
Tim Steele, Percussion
Emily Kerns, Percussion
Jen Culver, Alto Saxophone
Austin Crew, Baritone
Molly Schlichtemeier, French horn
Emma Wilkerson, Clarinet
Nick McDermott, Tuba
Emma Ver Steeg, Percussion
Katie Halverson, Flute
Abby Johnson, Clarinet
Delaney Weeks, Flute
Catherine Glackin, Flute
Brandon Nolin, Tuba
Emma Schwarck, Oboe
Tricia Zimmerman, Clarinet
Katie Polaschek, Clarinet
Will Heaton, Alto Saxophone
Olivia Hamilton, Trumpet
 I Ratings (21 Students)
Ryan VerMulm, Trombone
Sam Jordan, Clarinet
Calista Ness, Trombone
Josie Heisinger, Clarinet
Abbie Hinrichsen, Flute
Hallee Mingus, Flute
Carli Bryan, Bassoon
Kyley Anderson, Flute
Caitlyn Holm, Flute
Abby Burger, Trumpet
Hannah Murphy, Alto Saxophone
Charlie Zulk, Trumpet
Mathew Heilman, Trumpet
Haley Schwenneker, Clarinet
Audrey Ross, Flute
Aria Peterson, Tenor Saxophone
Leanne Sebastian, Percussion
Kylie Versluis, Percussion
Jordan Hallgren, Alto Saxophone
J.J. Strejl, Alto Saxophone
Quincy Schenk, French Horn
 II Ratings (10 Students)
Elle Johnson, Trumpet
Grace Gilderhus, Flute
Bre Wilkerson, Alto Saxophone
Grace Plagman, Trombone
Morgan Fitzgerald, Flute
Cale Salton, Trumpet
Kendra Nissen, Clarinet
Leah Heikens, Flute
Madison Davis, Alto Saxophone
Devon Warner, Trumpet
 III Ratings (4 Students)
Noah Olson, Percussion
Darrian Adkins, Bass Clarinet
Liam McCreary, Baritone
Courtney Davis, Clarinet