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         Mr. Pat Hamilton, Principal

            Spencer Middle School is a Capturing Kids' Hearts™ school                striving to develop the academic and leadership potential of                    each of our  students.  We have one team at each grade level,                comprised of 2 Language Arts teachers, 2 Math teachers, 1                    Science teacher, and 1 Social studies teacher.  At Spencer                    Middle School we have Smartboards in every classroom and                120 Chromebooks at each grade level.  

Letters About Literature

posted May 18, 2016, 2:20 PM by Adam Gress

Grace Hamilton was recognized by the Letters About Literature 2016 writing contest.  There were 49,283 entries nationwide and 1,867 entries from Iowa. The National LAL judges returned 163 letters to the Iowa judges. Grace was named a semifinalist for a strong letter! This writing contest asked students to write a letter to an author explaining how the author's writing affected them or changed their view of the world. Grace wrote to F. Scott Fitzgerald after she read the novel The Great Gatsby.

8th Grade Challenge Students at Lakeside Lab

posted May 9, 2016, 8:24 AM by Adam Gress

8th grade Challenge students spent a wonderful day at Lakeside Laboratory on West Lake Okoboji on Wednesday, May 4, 2016.  The day provided a wealth of information among various topics.  The 8th graders learned about Mosquitoes: The Good, The Bad, and the Zika Virus from Emily Dr. Fontenot, an Entomologist.  Kay Neumann, from Avian Resources, brought a Barred Owl and our American Bald Eagle.  She spoke on the topic of Eco-Toxicology: Rehabbing Raptors.  Students investigated the stomachs of fish and learned about the fish food chains through instruction by Emily Ball, Ph. D Candidate from Iowa State University.   Keris Pingle spoke about understanding fossils and the geology of paleontology.  Students acted as paleontologists and brought home a fossil.  The students talked about Iowa's wildlife history from 10,000 years ago to present day with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. They identified skins of different animals and discussed the differences among the habitats.  Finally, the 8th graders heard from Megan Stroh, an Archaeologist, about what stories from stone can tell us. They discussed how prehistoric people made tools without plastic or steel. The students practiced the survival technique of 'flint knapping' and 'pressure flaking' to create a tool.

Spencer Middle School Honor Roll 2015-2016 Trimester 1

posted Dec 4, 2015, 11:56 AM by Adam Gress   [ updated Dec 4, 2015, 11:58 AM ]

The following students are on the 1st trimester A honor roll for Spencer Middle School.  The students must earn a 3.66 or higher GPA to qualify.

Grade 7

Aleece Amendt, Wren Anderson, CheyLee Arnold, Jasmin Beal, Blake Benson, Samuel Brandt, Albany Brown, Kayley Brown, Zoe Carlson, Cayle Carter, Case Cauthron, Titan Coleman, Jenna Cornwell, Molly Crew, Tatum Cuttell, Jackson DeWitt, Cole Edington, Jazmine Edwards, Landon Ellis, Sarah Elser, Isabella Fassbender, Erin Frederick, Nayma Garcia, Kayden Guerttman, Jagaar Halverson, Calista Hanna, Kaylee Hansen, Ethan Heiter, Thade Hicks, Heather Howard, Derek Huss, Carly Izard, Anna Jacobson, Alexis Keefer, Seth Knoer, Sophie Krukow, Jordan Krull, Kaitlyn Larson, Jamie Lauck, Skylar Nemmers, Lakota Neuman, Allison Nolin, Allie Norgaard, Zachary Polaschek, Ana Ramirez, Makenna Richter, Peytan Roberts, Morgan Robinson, Cassandra Rojas, Alyssa Rouse, Jackson Schendel, Evan Schmitt, Brogan Seier, Mia Simpson, Chloe Skokan, Kirsten Small, Allison Steele, Carl Swanson, Selena Unger, Shayler Van Gelder, Alyssa Van Voorst, Miguel Vazquez, Maverick Warburton, Grant Watson, Zoe Wiens, and Ian Youngdahl.

Grade 8

Christiana Anderson, McKaelyn Anderson, Travin Arnold, Tayler Bailey, Andrew Bare, Gabriel Bennett, Bryson Blair, Abby Borth, Ryan Boyd, Mackenzie Bruning, Austin Bryan, Isabella Burger, Jacob Burns, Rhyan Busch, Gabriella Carpenter, Andrew Christofferson, Tyler Conrad, Ashley Cooke, Connor Cummings, Taylor Dardar, Cori DeVlaeminck, Mallorie Erb, Kaitlyn Essick, Elisa Fisher, Adam Freeman, Brooke Freeman, Madysen Freeman, Trent Freeman, Emaly Ganzevoort, Gage Garnatz, Griffin Garnatz, Addison Gilderhus, Grace Hamilton, Kiersten Hogge, Ciara Holloway, Gabriella Huntoon, Hannah Irmiter, Ethan Johnson, Keegan Johnson, Chloe Kahley, Gabrielle Kardell, Emma Katzer, Otis Kierscht, Serenity Kollasch, Natalie Kroll, Amber Kubat, Nichelle Lagunes-Cervantes, Teanna Lovan, Emerson Mohr, Jenna Morey, Kyle Morony, Autumn Noah, Corine Noethe, Logan O’Neill, Maegan Olsen, Jisela Pavon-Meyer, Kaylee Pick, Isaac Pingel, Jakob Ravega, Vanessa Reardon, Noah Reiman, Brady Schlaeger, Ethan Schmidt, Leah Schon, Darian Schoning, Jenna Schroer, Chelsea Sheley, Isaiah Spencer, Rebecca Stallcup, Madison Stave, Elle Storey, Dystany Studer, Justin Sundblad, Connor Tigges, Makenzie Trierweiler, Tiara Tunink, Jazmin Van Lenning, Mimoza Veliu, Izabella Wagner, Madison Ward, Samantha Wartnaby, Calub Watson, Rowan Whitaker, Colton Wilinski, Mollie Williams, and Joshua Wittrock.

The following students are on the 1st trimester B honor roll for Spencer Middle School.  The students must earn a 3.00 to 3.65 GPA to qualify.

7th Grade

Brice Archer, Brittany Bang, Arianna Blum, Max Brown, Jesse Bumgarner, Levi Bunnell, Salvedin Cerimovic, Xander Cheevers, Kadyn Cline, Payton Cooper, Aiden Engelkes, Tirza Farrenkopf, Morgan Fox, Makayla Francis, Kaley Frey, Yahir Garcia-Mendez, Benjamin Gastelum, Jacob Gronemeyer, Mary Hanson, Christian Hookfin, Thomas Huckfelt, Olivia Irmiter, Sarah Jordan, Avarie Knaak, Lucas Kuehler, Cody Marble, Kylee Matthews, Javier Mendez-Garcia, Dalton Mills, Alexander Moore, Cristian Muniz-Thompson, Jonathon Nissen, Zachary O’Clair, Kenneth Rasch, Austin Rausch, Dalton Roberts, Briseyda Rosales, Hannah Schiltz, Jacob Schlichtemeier, Kendel Schmidt, Gabriel Soat, Justin Soberano-Borbonio, Trinity Steelman, Tyler Strang, Damien Strong, Chance Van Hofwegen, Chloe Vansickel, Dyllan Wells, Ashlynn Werts, Caden Young, and Mackenzie Zech.

8th Grade

Trevyn Baxter, Caleb Cantrall, Olivia Carey, Sandi Cerimovic, Dylan Cope, Jacob Ehrnfelt, Nicholas Elsbecker, Kolton Essick, Riley Fagen, Austin Fitzgerald, Dakota Gansen, Alixandria Hagedorn, Jace Harrison, Marcus Herke, Christopher Hernandez, Andrea Kabrick, Athziry Lopez, Taylor Maxwell, Noah Mixon, Alexis Mowry, Mason Nerness, Sadie Raper, Summer Reese, Julian Rojas, Max Schmidt, Kiahna Seaman, Andrew Shelton, Autumn Smith, Dante Spooner, Casey Steward, Samuela Threlkeld, Jonathan Trimble, Teka Ulrich, Junior Wilkerson, Cyle Winters, Alyssa Winther, and Caihua Yan.


posted Nov 17, 2015, 6:44 AM by Adam Gress   [ updated Nov 17, 2015, 6:45 AM ]

On November 14, four teams from the Spencer Inventors 4-H Club competed at the FIRST® LEGO® League Regional Qualifying Competition. FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL) is an international program, created by FIRST® and LEGO®, designed to get children interested in and excited about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) subject areas. Team Delta and Team Pi will participate in the Championship event at Iowa State University on January 16th. In addition to advancing to the Championship event, Team Delta won the FLL Core Values award. This award recognizes a team with outstanding teamwork and positive attitudes. Team Pi also claimed the Champion’s award for overall performance and the Robot Performance award with the highest point total for the robot game.
Team Delta is coached by Ryan Bare and Brian Fisher and includes members include Lauren Bare, Brenna Fisher, Elisa Fisher, Luke Fisher, Lucy Hemann, Natalie Kroll and Dustin Miller.
Team Pi is coached by Amanda Bare and Ivan Crane and includes members Andrew Bare, Caleb Cantrall, Will Crane and Connor Cummings.

Blank Summer Institute for Arts & Science

posted Apr 15, 2015, 8:11 AM by Adam Gress

The 8th grade staff nominated three students to attend the Blank Summer Institute for Arts & Sciences at the University of Iowa this summer.  The following 8th grade students were accepted in March: Brandon Nolin in mathematics, Hannah Johnson in social sciences, and Katie Halverson in creative writing. The University of Iowa selects 120 of Iowa’s 7th and 8th grade gifted students.  The camp provides exceptionally talented students with an intensive and advanced educational experience intended to develop their intellectual and social growth.  The Institute is administered by The Connie Belin & Jacqueline N. Blank International Center for Gifted Education and Talent Development.  The students will have the privilege of taking challenging courses, being with like-minded peers, and learning from inspirational teachers. They will explore several cultural and recreational activities that encourage friendships and extend their learning outside the classroom.  They will live, study, and play in the university’s classrooms, laboratories, dining halls, and recreational centers.  It is a great honor to be accepted to this program.

I-Smile Sealant Program

posted Mar 5, 2015, 9:06 AM by Adam Gress

Parents of 6th Graders: Please make sure forms are tuned into the office for participation in the I-Smile program.

Vaccine Clinics

posted Feb 23, 2015, 7:19 AM by Adam Gress

School Located Vaccine Clinics Scheduled for 6th and 12th Grades

As kids get older, protection from some childhood diseases begins to wear off.  Boosters are needed to prolong protection.  Plus, older kids are at risk for diseases that could affect them throughout their lifetime.  Vaccines protect not only the health of adolescents, but their friends, families and communities!

Spencer Hospital-Clay County Public Health and Avera Medical Group Spencer are teaming up to offer  three important adolescent vaccines to all county 6th and 12th graders:

  • Tdap (Boostrix) - Boosts immunity against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough).  Pertussis cases have been on the rise in recent years partially due to protection levels that have diminished since kindergarten vaccinations.

  • Meningococcal (Menactra) – Protects against certain types of bacterial meningitis.  A dose is recommended at age 11-12 and again at age 16-18.  Many colleges now require this vaccine.

  • HPV (Gardasil) – Prevents infections and cancers caused by Human papillomavirus (HPV).  75% of cervical cancers are caused by two types of HPV.  Both are covered by the vaccine.  Doses #1 and #2 of this three-dose series will be offered at school.   Dose #3 may be scheduled with your healthcare provider or public health.  For more detailed information on the HPV vaccine visit: http://www.immunize.org/catg.d/p4250.pdf

This school-based clinic will take place on Friday, March 20th.  For those receiving the HPV vaccine series, dose #2 will be given at school on Friday, April 24th.  A letter/consent form and information about each vaccine will be sent to the student’s home.  Vaccinations will not be given without a signed consent form.  

Consider this convenient opportunity to bring your student up to date with these important vaccinations!  For more information, please call Colette Rossiter RN at 712-264-6468 or email crossiter@spencerhospital.org

Conferences Nov. 12th and 13th

posted Oct 30, 2014, 2:33 PM by Adam Gress

Parent teacher conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, November 12th and Thursday, November 13th

You will need your elementary students teacher name, and/or your middle school students homebase teacher name in order to complete the online P/T conference registration process.  High school conferences are scheduled by selecting the instructor of the course.

You may begin this process the afternoon of Saturday, October 25th by going to the Spencer Community Schools homepage and clicking on the "Parents" link on the left side of the page. 

Red Ribbon Week

posted Oct 27, 2014, 6:31 AM by Adam Gress

Red Ribbon Week 2014 October 27-31

Sponsored by the SMS Builders Club

Tuesday - “Hairs to a Drug Free Life” - Wear Crazy Hair

Wednesday - Wear Red Day (Red is the symbolic color for RRW)

Thursday - “Too Bright for Drugs” - Wear Bright Colored Clothes

Friday - Purple & Gold Day - Wear your school colors to show your commitment to keeping yourself & your friends bully & drug free

Stickers will be sold for 25 cents each during lunch. For every sticker purchased you get a chance at winning a great prize donated by Positively Spencer Youth. All money raised will be donated locally for drug education and enforcement.

RRW Essay Contest! Submit an essay around the theme “Friends Don’t Let Friends Bully or Do Drugs”.  Information is available in student services or on the SMS website under “Builders Club”. Cash prize winners at each grade level and one grand prize winner.  Thank you to Carroll’s Bakery & Farmers Savings Bank of Fostoria and Milford for making this contest possible.

Golfers headed to Chicago

posted Sep 25, 2014, 3:38 PM by Adam Gress

Junior All-Stars heading to Chicago

Wednesday, September 24, 2014
By Nate Shaughnessy, @SDR_Sports
The Northwest iowa Junior League All-Stars, comprised of front: (from left) Jackson Laven, Mason Weeks, Connor Moret, Colin Slattery and Caleb Dokter. Back: Brennan Kooi, Ezra Meyer, Ian Brandt, Hannah Butler and Chase Hough, were celebrated with a send-off party at SGCC Wednesday night for their upcoming regional tournament in Chicago.
(Photo by Nate Shaughnessy)
Spencer Golf and Country Club hosted a send-off party on Wednesday night for the 10 Northwest Iowa Junior League All-Stars headed to regional competition in Chicago, which will take place Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 27-28.

The All-Stars, playing in PGA Junior League Golf, are comprised from four players from Spencer (Colin Slattery, Chase Hough, Ezra Meyer and Connor Moret), two from The Ridge Golf Club in Sioux Center, two from Brooks Golf Club in Okoboji and two from Emerald Hills Golf Club in Arnolds Park. They're coached by SGCC Golf Pro Adam Coates.

"This is going to be something they'll never forget," Coates said. "Aside from winning or losing, this is going to be a great experience for them."

The PGA of America and League Golf of Norcross, Georgia, partnered to create PGA Junior League Golf in 2011. PGA Junior League Golf gives boys and girls 13-and-under the opportunity to learn and play golf in a fun, social and team environment. The program has skyrocketed in popularity, growing from nearly 9,000 participants representing 700 teams in 2013, to 18,000 participants and 1,500 teams in 2014.

Much like other recreational league sports, participants play in team uniforms with jersey numbers. Teams play four, 9-hole matches in a two-person scramble format, reinforcing the team concept and limiting the pressure on any one player; coaches can substitute players every three holes, so that all of the golfers on each team can participate.

Spencer earned the right to put two additional golfers on the All-Star team by winning the area league against the other three clubs mentioned above this summer.

The Northwest Iowa All-Star team beat out all-star teams from Des Moines, Davenport and Ottumwa to earn a trip to sub-regional competition in Minnesota which pitted them against a team from Minneapolis, who they beat by just one point.

The win in Minnesota advanced the local team to one of eight nation-wide regionals at Cog Hill Golf and Country Club, located in Lemont, Illinois, just outside of Chicago.

The players from northwest Iowa will compete against Cog Hill's All-Star team, the Randall Oakes All-Star team, of West Dundee, Illinois and the Lake Geneva All-Star team, comprised of players from five clubs near Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The winner of this weekend's tournament will advance to the PGA Junior League Golf Championship TPC Sugarloaf in Duluth, Georgia Oct. 23-26. Team Georgia is the reigning Junior League champion.

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